We did not inherit the world from our parents.
We have borrowed it from our children.

There is no doubt that the green transition will affect us all, both as individuals and as leaders, thinkers and speakers from different sectors. In this green mishmash, where do you put your energy and money to ensure progress, not regression? This is what we are discussing at this year’s “Teistmoodi Paldiski” conference. “Turning green transition into money?” is the question we will take a closer look at.


09.00 Registration
10.00 Moderator NEEME RAUD will open the conference
10.05 Opening speech by JAANUS SAADILT, the mayor of Lääne-Harju municipality
10.10 Welcome by JÜRI RATAS, President of the Riigikogu

In the Green Transition

A great opportunity to listen to the views of a Green Tiger representative, experts and entrepreneurs, on how to protect people from their own activities and intelligently move to a cleaner and more profitable future.

10.20 JAANUS PURGA, Co-founder of Green Tiger and head of the economic committee
On the Green Road – Energy Roadmap 2021/2031/2040
10.40 Academician TARMO SOOMERE, President of the Academy of Sciences
The energy of the future as a combination of smart production, smart use and efficient storage
11.00 ANDO LEPPIMAN, Chancellor of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Estonian energy policy
Cables or manufacturing?
Chaired by HEITI HÄÄL, participants Ando Leppiman, Tarmo Soomere, Jaanus Purga
Drinks and thoughts

Green Investments

12.15 TÕNIS MÖLDER, Minister of the Environment
Government and green investments
12.30 KÜLLI TAMMUR, Chairman of the Lääne-Harju rural municipality council
Green transition in a green municipality – can you go any greener?
12.45 EDWIN van de BRUG, Regional Manager of Van Oord
Offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea
13.00 PEEP SIITAM, CEO and shareholder at Enegiasalv
Clean energy. When necessary. Uncompromisingly. Energiasalv
What must the government do to encourage green investments?
Chaired by NEEME RAUD, participants Tõnis Mölder, Martin Kruus, Aavo Kärmas, Valdo Kalm, Külli Tammur
13.45 LUNCH

H, H – Familiar but Unknown.
From Theory to Practice.

Everyone is talking about hydrogen but few know it well. At Paldiski, we take the most common element in the universe and look at it as a proton and electron. Clearly and meaningfully.

14.30 Professor ENN LUST, University of Tartu
Hydrogen in transport, modern industry and central heating
14.45 MARGUS VALS, Board Member of Eesti Energia
Hydrogen – the fuel and energy storer of the future?
15.00 KADRI SIMSON, European Commissioner for Energy
The role of hydrogen in the European Green Deal
15.15 PETRUS POSTMA, Co-founder of &Flux B.V. and visionary of future proof economy, co-speaker SJOERD RAIJMANS, Lead of Future Fules in SkyNRG B.V.
The future of green hydrocarbons: an international value proposition for Estonia
Chaired by ANNELY AKKERMANN, participants Kadri Simson, professor Enn Lust, Marti Hääl, Timo Suslov, Petrus Postma

The organisers have the right to make changes to the conference programme. Photos will be taken at the conference.


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