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Paldiski Association of Entrepreneurs


The Paldiski Association of Entrepreneurs or “PEL” was founded in May 2010.

PEL was initiated by 12 companies operating in Paldiski, which were interested in the rapid development of this unique corner of Estonia and wanted to make this region an important industrial center for the Baltic Sea countries.



The aim of PEL as an innovative organization is to contribute to making the business environment in the city of Paldiski, and the entire Lääne-Harju municipality, more active.

In 2018, PEL and Paldiski came together to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the city. Peter the Great’s historic decision to build a sea fortress on the Pakri Peninsula laid the foundation for the city of Paldiski. PEL celebrated the city’s jubilee with the “Different Paldiski”, international investment conference. This new tradition of regularly scheduled conferences continues.



PEL is an open-minded organization focused on cooperation, and actively promotes entrepreneurship in this region. Through its activities, PEL also contributes to a better living environment for local residents and is committed to this aim in partnership with local government.

In 2017, PEL, Enterprise Estonia (EAS), and the Business and Development Center of Harju County (HEAK), launched the Paldiski Investor Service Program (PIP).

PEL cooperates with local governments, the Association of Local Governments of Harju County (HOL), HEAK, EAS, as well as several ministries and government agencies.

PEL also actively cooperates with the local gymnasium, Paldiski Ühisgümnaaisum.



Ministers, ambassadors, cooperation partners, and representatives of different organizations interested in collaboration often visit PEL, from both Estonia and abroad.

Guests are interested in PEL’s member companies: The Port of Tallinn’s Paldiski South Harbor and the business infrastructure serving it, ESTEVE, Alexela Group companies: Alexela Terminal, zinkPot and the Tiki Trailer production plant, the fishmeal and fish oil factory, the wind farms of Enefit Green, Kuusakoski, Akso-Haus, and several other companies with extensive experience in this region.


Today, PEL includes 15 companies and local governments operating in Paldiski and Lääne-Harju County. Although PEL’s activities are primarily focused on the development of the Paldiski region, all companies operating in the county are welcomed as members.

Balti Gaasi OÜ

Baltic Oil Service OÜ

Cronimet Nordic OÜ

Derivaat NH₃

Eesti Kalatootjate Keskühistu

Enefit Green AS

Esteve Terminal AS

G4S Eesti AS

AS Kuusakoski

Lääne-Harju vald

AS Omakodumaja

SW Energia OÜ

Tallinna Sadam AS

Paldiski Tsingipada AS


There is power in collective action! Which is so true in modern society as well.

Heiti Hääl / AS Alexela Nõukogu esimees

Paldiski is a very business-friendly area with great investment potential. The strategic partnership and synergy of PEL members contributes to transforming Paldiski into a modern industrial center by the Baltic Sea, and also brings new investments to Paldiski South harbor, operated by the Port of Tallinn.

Valdo Kalm / AS Tallinna Sadam juhatuse esimees

As a long-term member of PEL, I am convinced that the association and its day-to-day work, helps its members to always be up to date on the news and activities of the local government, the state, and other entrepreneurs in the area.

Kuldar Suits / AS Kuusakoski juhatuse esimees


Paldiski, the center of the Lääne-Harju municipality, has been an attractive investment area for centuries. Paldiski’s excellent geographical and logistical location, the existing infrastructure – with its potential for future development, the availability of labor, and the close cooperation between the municipality and the business sector provide solid ground for turning this region into a well-known and recognized site for business and living by the Baltic Sea.

Paldiski is a small town in Northern Estonia, 50 kilometers from Tallinn, with 3,800 residents. By territory, it is the second largest city in Estonia, covering the Pakri peninsula, the islands of Suur-Pakri and Väike-Pakri, and the surrounding sea area. The most densely populated part of the city is located on only 5.4 square kilometers of the area’s total 102 square kilometers. The city is well connected to the rest of Estonia, by both road and rail. The two ports, Paldiski South Harbor and Paldiski North Port are ice-free all year round and mainly operate in cargo handling. The North Port also serves passenger routes to Sweden.

The founding of Paldiski is considered to be 1718, when the construction of the port and the sea fortress began, by order of the Russian Czar, Peter the Great. Until 1764, the settlement was called Rogerwiek. Later, in 1783, the Empress Catherine the Great granted the city the rights to the settlement known as Baltiiski Port. The city got its current name, Paldiski, during the first independence of the Republic of Estonia in 1933. From 1944 to 1994, Paldiski was a closed military area forwith Soviet troops.

One of the biggest attractions in Paldiski is its cliff face. The large klint and its breath-taking views attract both city dwellers and visitors from afar. People on the edge of the cliff and those below on the sea front must be careful and attentive – the limestone layers are prone to often dangerously collapse.


By corporate value chains we mean active cooperation between PEL member companies. Working closely together, we can offer a complex package of services and products to potential investors for the fast and smooth establishment of their businesses in Paldiski.

There are several companies in Paldiski who are leaders in their business sector. Combining their know-how and experience, we are able to create a cost-effective value chain for your company and offer a competitive advantage, which in turn creates a basis for developing a service or product with higher quality and better efficiency.

Value chains by sectors, offered by companies in the city of Paldiski:

  • Road transport and logistics
  • Energy center
  • Interim warehouse and the storage of gas and liquid cargo
  • Modern metal processing
  • Interim storage or the distribution center for transit cargo
  • Adding value to products


Investment conferences

Teistmoodi Paldiski 2023
(invitation only)

Teistmoodi Paldiski 2022

Teistmoodi Paldiski 2021

Teistmoodi Paldiski 2020

Teistmoodi Paldiski 2019

Paldiski Association of Entrepreneurs
Acknowledged contributor of the year 2019

Jubilee conference 2018



The core of this project is the development and implementation of the Paldiski Investor Services Program. The project identified the economic sectors in Paldiski that have the best preconditions for the emergence and operation of successful companies, and by whom, when, and what should be done to realize these preconditions.The activities planned for the first two years of PIP have already been implemented.


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A modern, comfortable, and fully equipped office and conference center is at your service at Rae 38, 3rd floor (Pakri Plaza building) in Paldiski. Come and organize your meeting, business gathering, training, seminar, presentation, reception or any other event.

Besides convenient facilities we can also offer (or rent):

  • Presentation and office equipment
  • A printing center
  • WIFI
  • Catering
  • Sightseeing and nature tours in historic Paldiski, its surroundings and Pakri islands
  • A full event management service
  • Accommodation

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