Paldiski in a nutshell

Through centuries Paldiski has been an attractive region for investment. The logistically and geographically superb location, infrastructure and its potential, human resources and tight collaboration between the town government and entrepreneurs make up a solid ground for Paldiski to develop into a well-known and acknowledged business and residential region at the Baltic see.


Location: 52 km west of Tallinn

  • 59º16`01 ‘ north latitude
  • 23º 43`50 ‘ east longitude;

Paldiski is one of 24 municipalities of Harju County

Neighbours: Keila parish , Padise parish, Vasalemma parish

Area: 101.8 km², of which:

  • 33.9 km² mainland,
  • 12.87 km² Väike-Pakri Island ,
  • 11.6 km² Suur-Pakri Island .


With population of 3800 (as of 01.01.2017) Paldiski is a small town located in Northern Estonia ca 50 km from the capital Tallinn. By its area Paldiski is the second biggest town in Estonia covering the peninsula of Pakri, islands of Suur-Pakri and Väike-Pakri with the surrounding maritime area. Densely populated is only 5,4 km² out of the total 102 km². Paldiski shares the maritime border with Padise parish and land border with Keila parish. The town is well connected with the rest of Estonia via roads and railway. The two harbours in Paldiski – Northern and Southern – are ice free throughout the year and predominantly occupied with handling goods. Norther Port also serves passengers to Sweden.

One third of the inhabitants speak Estonian as their mother tongue, the rest mainly Russian. For education, hobby activities and cultural interests serve two elementary schools (one Estonian, one Russian), two nurseries, gymnasium, music school, leisure centre, library and the museum of Amandus Adamson.

The town of Paldiski is governed by the administration of 3 members headed by the mayor. The decisions and regulations take effect after the approval of the town council of 13 elected commissioners.

1718 is considered to be the founding year of Paldiski. That is the tsar of Russia Peter the Great started building a port and a marine castle. The settlement was called Rogerwiek until 1764, after which it became known as Paltiiski Port and was granted town rights by Catherine II in 1783. Its current name Paldiski was given during the time of Estonian first republic in 1933. From 1944 to 1994 was Paldiski one of Soviet Union’s closed military towns.

One of the biggest attractions in Paldiski is the cliff with its majestic view that allures residents and tourists alike. Caution must be taken when walking on the edge or underneath the cliff as limestone banks may collapse.

300 miljon users

300 miljon users

Location of Paldiski

Location of Paldiski

Businesses in Paldiski

A. L. A. R. A. AS                                   hazardous waste collection
Alexela Terminal AS                       warehousing of liquids and gasses
Autolink Baltics AS                         logistics of cars
Balti Gaas OÜ                                    developer of the LNG gas terminal
Eesti Energia AS                               developer of wind farms, sales and production of heat and power
Eesti Traalpüügi Ühistu MTÜ  trawling, processing, freezing and export of fish
Esteve Terminal AS                        Stevedore of Paldiski Southern Port
Konvers OÜ                                        Paldiski department store, retail
Kuppel OÜ                                           accommodation, B&B
Kuusakoski AS                                   scrap metal buyer
Lemeks Sadamad AS                      logging
Mann Lines OÜ                                 sea transport
NN Arendus OÜ                               developer of Pakri Sciense and Industrial Park
OmaKoduMaja AS                          business and residential realestate developer
Paldiski Arendamise AS               realestate developer
Paldiski Ettevõtjate Liit MTÜ   uniting organisation for Paldiski’s entrepreneurs
Paldiski Lõunasadam                     AS Tallinna Sadam, provider of port services, industrial park developer
Paldiski Sadamate AS                    Paldiski Northern Port, provider of port services
Paldiski Tehnopark OÜ                modern metals, industrial park developer
Paldiski Tsingipada AS                  Metal industry and coating of metal surfaces
Pakri Tuulepargid OÜ                   wind farm developer, power provider
Palsteve OÜ                                        stevedour of Paldiski Northern Port
Real Kinnisvara OÜ                         residential realestate developer
SW Energia OÜ                                  biomass power plant
Transfennica OÜ                               sea transport
Bole OÜ                                                  manufacturing of wooden flooring
E-Profiil AS                                           manufacturing of steel structures
G4S AS                                                     security service
Haldusteenus                                      management and maintenance services

Entrepreneurial value chains

By value chains we mean clusters of products and services that PEL can provide to help new investors efficiently build up their businesses.

The town of Paldiski is home to numerous outstanding businesses. By combining their know-how and expertise with their peers’ the entrepreneurs can create a useful and cost-effective value chain that will help with starting up a business whilst also providing a ground for developing a great quality service or product.

The fields of value chains in the town of Paldiski:

  1. Car Logistics
  2. Power Centre
  3. Storage and warehousing for gas and liquid cargo
  4. Processing of modern metals
  5. Warehouse or distribution centre for goods and markets in transit
  6. Providing additional value to goods