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due to good logistic location, economical business environment and ease of doing business estonia is the heart of northern europe’s industrial and energy sector developments

  • population: 1.3 million
  • area: 45 339 km2
  • currency: euro
  • member of: EU, Eurozone, OECD, NATO, DIGITAL 5 and Schengen
  • GDP real growth 4.9% (2017)
  • unemployment rate (ilo, %) 5.8
  • credit ratings: S&P AA-, Fitch IBCA A+, Moody’s A1
  • direct way to EU domestic market
  • political stability
  • lowest government debt in europe
  • a balanced and future oriented state budget

#1 OECD Tax Competitiveness Index 2017
#2 Index of Economic Freedom in EU (7th in the World)
#1 Internet Freedom
#1 Entrepreneurial Activity
#12 Ease of Doing Business
#9 Digital Economy and Society Index

98% of companies established online
99% of banking done online
95% of tax declarations filed online
e-Residency – freedom for everyone to run a global EU company fully online
1st country to use blockchain on a national level
entire country is covered with a broadband connection
99% of state servicesare online
5 days and 2% of GDP per year is saved with digital signatures

simple and favourable tax system

easy administration: all taxes can be declared via e-tax/e-customs

corporate income tax on reinvested profits and no property tax

corporate income taxon distributed profit

personal income tax


social tax

plus 2.4% unemployment insurance

land tax

labor demography

  • labor costs are more favorable than in Nordic countries and Western European countries
  • work ethics is better than in any other Eastern European countries
  • population in 50 km radius <600 000 out of which 357 000 working age skilled people
  • recruitment capacity from neighbouring markets 250 mil people
  • work permits average time 1 month

baltic sea industrial hub

the first choice for the fastest growing companies in europe

  • more than 400 ha free land for industrial developments
  • the price of land is one of the most favorable in the EU in terms of its advantages and capabilities
  • low building & running costs
  • local produced and consumed green energy with competitive price
  • good sea, highway and railroad connections
         + 2 all year around ice free ports
          capable of handling oversized cargo
         + taxfree zone
  • baltic connector & lng terminal for stable gas supply
  • labor accommodation under development & all residential services available
  • business-oriented and supportive local government
  • strong clustering in energy and industry
  • world class r&d centres

4 in 1 industrial concept

joint development of energy and logistics solutions, digitalization and focus industries, by looking for and leveraging the synergies in this community. this raises the competitiveness of the whole region and individual enterprises.

OneStopShop process

provides all investor related services for realizing new investments, establishment, start-up and running of businesses in paldiski

information services and investment preparations

  • financial analysis, prognosis, consultations and business plans, investment proposals and tours

consulting and project management

  • facilitating contacts, negotiations with authoririties, settlements of legal issues, authorizations, licenses, compliance of planned activities with legislation, regulatory acts

soft landing services

  • explaining the conditions and needs for communications and essential input services together with the development and implementation of the solutions
  • building permits
  • engineering, procurement, construction (epc)
  • construction supervision and obtaining authorizations, installation of machinery

post-investment / aftercare services

  • recruitment, transportation & logistic issues
  • trainings, financial services
  • other running and development operations

latest success strories

Japanese company Blockhive is investing several millions of euros to establish crypto currency mingin company into Pakri Industial and Science Park.

Kazutru Arimura, Managing Director of Blockhive OÜ: “The decision to move the Pakri Science and Industrial Park was determined by the support and positive attitude of the Paldiski city government, Pakri’s unique environmentally friendly approach and the expected synergy between logistically good location, green power supply and the local support network.”

Tiki Treiler has been producing car trailers for over 26 years and has an average annual production of more than 15,000 trailers.

Almost 95% of the company’s production is exported, and most of it goes to Scandinavian countries. Due to the increase in production volumes, it was decided to build a new plant in Paldiski as it has fast connections to the main export markets in Scandinavian and the whole Nordic most high-tech hot-dip galvanizing plant is located in Paldiski which services Tiki constantly needs.

welcome to estonia

Paldiski is a historic industrial area with many advantages for development of industrial activities. Ports always played a significant role in the development of regions, and their significance has not diminished today. Paldiski can be regarded as a growth center for logistics and industry”

Kadri Simson
Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia


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